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Japan’s Womenomics (Al Jazeera)

Japan’s government believes it has found a cure for its faltering economy: Women.

Long overlooked during more than two decades of economic stagnation, Japanese women are considered among the most highly educated but underutilised resource in the developed world.

In what has been dubbed “womenomics”, Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, has put the country’s women at the heart of a strategy to revive the country’s ailing economy.

But with an endemic chauvinistic society, 101 East asks if women can conquer the gender gap to save Japan’s economy.

Kazakhstan’s Hard Sell (Al Jazeera)

Fancy visiting a lake that is famous for now being a dry ship cemetery? Or how about visiting the world’s largest tent?

Welcome to Kazakhstan, the former closed Soviet state that promises tourists a bewildering array of attractions unlikely to be found elsewhere.

Poised strategically between Europe and Asia, Kazakhstan has long been largely ignored by the West or parodied in Hollywood.

Now it is putting out the welcome mat for foreign tourists and seeking to reinvent itself as a player on the international diplomatic stage.

But with a poor human rights record, restrictions on the press, and an authoritarian government, 101 East asks if Kazakhstan is too hard a sell.

State Library Media Talks

I was a panelist on the Walkley 30 Days of Press Freedom State Library Media Talk
Media On The Frontline: What it’s like to be a foreign correspondent?
Here’s a podcast from the night and more info below.
If journalism is the first draft of history, the people reporting the news are often on the frontline of conflict, disaster and tragedy. Journalists, photographers, artists, camera operators and fixers are our eyes and ears in dangerous parts of the world. As part the #30DaysPF campaign, our panel explores the risks – physical, psychological, political – for foreign correspondents and the local fixers who work with them. As international bureaux are increasingly depleted and more foreign correspondence falls to freelancers, what measures are in place to protect and support them, particularly as journalists become high profile targets in terror campaigns? Hear from industry greats as they discuss the whole process from landing in a war zone, publishing their stories and then returning home.
With Brian Thomson, SBS, Peter Stefanovic, Nine Network, Yaara Bou Melhem, independent broadcast journalist, Cait McMahon, DART Center for Journalism and Trauma, and moderated by Eric Campbell, ABC.
AUDIO KINDLY PROVIDED BY: The Seventh Field Trip, Tesslesstess @tesslesstess
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